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Computer Ambulance Service. Inc.

2478 Patterson Rd. #16 * Grand Junction, CO 81505 * (970) 241-9333 * fax (970) 241-2670


2014 Shop Rates


Effective July 1, 2014

Labor Charges
Diagnostic Charge $45.00
1/4 hr. $40.00
1/2 hr. $70.00
1hr. $99.00
Priority Fee $85.00
(in addition to any other charges)

O.S. install $195.00
(45.00 Diagnostic Charge)
 Also updates, Drivers, Anti-V/S software

Data backup up to 3-DVD's $99.00
Data transfer $99.00
Data Recovery $198.00 if data is recoverable.
No recovery of date $45.00 Fee.

Virus/Spyware Removal & Repair $198.00
*includes all updates, HD Diagnostic, Anti-V/S Software O.S. & Driver Repairs*
(70.00 Diagnostic Charge)

Network Setup Home $99.00 hr.
PC Setup $99.00 hr.
Internet Setup $99.00

Service Call trip charge
For the areas of
Grand Jct, Clifton, Palisade, Fruita, Redlands, Orchard Mesa.

Resident $35.00
Business $55.00
out side of these areas need to call for
trip charge fee.

 Active Military or Veterans, with ID
15% Discount on Labor
Seiners Discount
10% Discount on Labor
Student Discount W/student ID
5% Discount on Labor

God Bless America
Webmaster Tom Scott Jr.